$37M school bond on the line for Bay-Waveland School District

Facility upgrades and repairs are at stake in the Bay-Waveland School District and its up to residents to decide if they’re willing to pay for it.

The Bay-Waveland School District faces an impressive $37 million bond issue – which the community will vote on Tuesday, March 29.

There’s been some division among community members. Namely, funding for a school bond referendum is only possible if voters in the area are willing to pay a little extra in property tax each year.

The bond would cover 16 different projects in various parts of the district, making it something of a facility overhaul. Notably, Bay High will have significant repairs and upgrades, and it will add Pre-K classrooms so that more kids can get a jump-start on their education. District parent Tracy Shields said, “In our house we constantly tell our kids, we don’t want you to be like mom and dad, we want you to be better than mom and dad. So, the idea that we have the opportunity to give them that as a community, to work together and give them the best education and the best facilities for education, it’s exciting.”

District Parent Theron Shields said, “We want our children to get the best education so they can succeed in life, and how can we expect them to do that without the proper facilities?”

Superintendent Dr. Sandra Reed says that for every $100,000 of a property’s appraised value, the bond will equate to about $100 of extra property tax per year. “I think the thing that needs to be taken care of first is the renovation of the high school wings. Those particular wings are truly just in deplorable condition.”

Polls open at 7 a.m. at Bay High School and Waveland Elementary.

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