34th annual Fall Muster took place at Beauvoir over the weekend

Over the last three decades, Beauvoir’s annual Fall Muster has become not only a tradition, but a step back into history.

Beauvoir’s 24th annual Fall Muster went out with a bang. The weekend brought out living historians who participated in two Civil War reenactment battles. It’s an event Larry McCluney, Beauvoir’s Confederate Forces colonel, looks forward to each year. “It’s a hobby that has been going on for many, many years, ever since the war ended to be honest. Its estimated around 50 and 100,000 reenactors in the United States today that do this hobby. We’re just here to present history and try to portray it as accurately as possible so that people get an idea of what life was like during that time period.”

It’s estimated that around 2,000 spectators came out to the Fall Muster where they got a little taste of what life used to be like. “They were cheering and some people were doing the oohs and aahs, but what draws the people, they like to hear the cannons and see the big guns. So far, everything has always been positive.”

McCluney says Civil War battle reenactments like the ones that happen at Beauvoir can serve as a learning opportunity for the spectators. “The way I look at it is that there is going to be people opposing it, opposing what we do. But this is an opportunity to portray American history. It’s not Confederate, it’s not federal, it’s American history. It’s a way people can learn about those four years, that tumultuous period, what went on. We’re here not to honor the politics that took place, but the men of both sides. We’re here to honor their deeds and their memories.”

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