30th Annual Fall Muster

If you heard the booming sounds of cannons going off in Biloxi this weekend, not to fear, it was just part of the 30th annual Fall Muster.
Over 800 people came out to relive the years 1861 through 1865. There were cannons, guns of all kinds and food from that time period. Hundreds of people, young and old, participated in the muster and made the grounds of Beauvoir come alive with everything from the 19th century.
Participants such as Scotty Myers say this event is so important, especially for the younger crowd because it offers a great history lesson about the country we live in. “We’re here for the families, the children to come out and see and touch and feel the experience a little bit of 1860s style of living. What our soldiers went through, both north and south, and just to see that it’s more than pieces of paper in a book.”
Organizers say the weather was just right for this year’s muster and they had a great turn out.

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