30th Annual Fall Muster

History came to life at Beauvoir this weekend for the 30th Annual Fall Muster. News 25’s Hank Davis was there and has all the details.
Once a year, the scenes of the Civil War jump off of the pages of history books and land in the fields of Beauvoir for the annual Fall Muster. For 30 years, reenactors from across the United States have gathered at the historic home of Jefferson Davis for the opportunity to educate and learn at the same time.
Civil War reenactor Robert McLaurin said, “It started 30 years ago, I was here then as a teacher, I thought, here’s a prime opportunity to enjoy being outdoors, enjoy history on a personal basis, and also teach. So that’s what I have done.”
Every year, the Fall Muster brings together reenactors and history buffs to celebrate the lives lost in the civil war, many of those laid to rest right here at Beauvoir. Reenactor Devyn Provins said, “I have ancestors on both sides of the war, I wanted to get closer to what they experienced. You hear the cannons, you feel the cannons, hear the rifles going off, you see someone pointing directly at you, firing. It can quickly transport your mind to a different state.”
A crowd of hundreds took that journey during the Fall Muster, whether they were packing out bleachers on the edge of the battlefield or taking a break from war at the soldier’s camps.
History fan Gaige Rosetti said, “We’re honoring all the people that were in the Civil War. I like history. I made a 99 in history.”
“We all are historians, either professional or amateur, and it’s given me a better understanding of who we are today, because who we are today, with our current government, is based upon that war and none other, except of course the American Revolution which gave us our wonderful and beloved Constitution and Bill of Rights.”

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