2nd Amendment Tax Free Holiday

The 2nd Amendment Tax Free Holiday is underway and many sportsmen across the Coast are gearing up for the upcoming hunting season as well as hitting huge deals.

This tax free holiday is meant to encourage participation in the upcoming hunting season. For four years now it has been helping sportsmen buy guns, ammo, cases, and other hunting supplies tax free. Tax free shopper Rocky Patton said, “Especially with hunting season coming up, now they have a chance to buy ammunition and things they need for hunting season and all that. They get to buy up and buy a little extra than what they would normally buy because you know they don’t have to pay for the taxes and stuff.”

Patton came down from Stone County with his wife to buy a new gun under these savings. He thinks more states in the south should participate in a sportsman tax free holiday because the way he sees it, hunting is important to keep things balanced. “You gotta be able to have that balance. If you don’t have the balance then you getting way to many animals out there. You know, causing diseases and all that, so with the hunting you get the people to be able to hunt and make things like they should be. So, we can eat and all that. I mean, I enjoy eating everything I kill.”

In addition to these items being tax free, a lot of places across the Coast will have additional savings. Dad’s Super Pawn Owner Kevin Riley tells News 25 they have seen a lot of foot traffic so far and they expect numbers to rise.  “Mississippi is a great sportsman state. We have all kind of hunting going on and this is one of the best things for the sportsman to kick off the hunting season.”

Riley tells News 25 that range bags and backpacks aren’t a part of the tax free holiday, but cases that are made for guns are.

The 2nd Amendment Tax Free Weekend ends on September 2nd.

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