28th Street In Gulfport To Be Widened

Plans that began in 2002 are finally becoming a reality over a decade later. A one mile stretch of 28th Street in Gulfport between 34th and 22nd Avenues will expand from two lanes to five lines. This will include sidewalks, curbs, and gutters on both sides.
"This project has been one that has been almost like a thorn in our side because we had to buy out a community as well as a church,” said Gulfport Councilwoman Ella Holmes.
The city also ran into some road blocks coordinating plans with Centerpoint Energy, MDOT, and Kansas City Southern Railways.
"It’s all been worked out and we just turned the dirt today and hopefully they get started tomorrow,” said Councilman Truck Casey.
"It has so many pot holes. It will destroy your cars. It’s also a very slow moving corridor. This one mile has so much traffic on it so today is a great day,” said Holmes.
Even though area residents have been waiting on this widening and repaving for years, they may have to yield to some backup a little bit longer. The 5.2 million dollar project is set to begin any day now, but will take months to complete.
"We’ve been told by the commissioner that we are up to one year. So we are going to need a great deal more patience with the residents,” said Holmes.

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