25 Teams in 25 Days: Gautier Gators

Starting off the 2018 campaign with a ‘W’ can really set the tone for the rest of the season. This was the case for the Gautier Gators who took care of business on the road in Ocean Springs in week one.

With a familiar face at the new head coach position, Coach Marcus High and the Gators look to put the Swamp on the map.

After an impressive 35-28 win against Ocean Springs to start the season, the Gautier Gators made a statement to change the culture of the program under new yet familiar Head Coach Marcus High. “It’s the typical first game of the year. Saw some good things, saw some bad things, some mistakes from young guys who haven’t been in the game a whole lot, but we gotta get ready for next week. So, we just have to keep pushing a little bit every day.”

High was the perfect fit taking the job after former head coach Chris Peterson. He was the offensive line coach for the Gators, coaching the big guys that senior Running Back Cameron Kincaid will trust every snap. “There’s a lot of stuff we can work. We like to work on everything. He’s a very good coach and I love him to death. He’s very fun and everything is changing,” said Kincaid.

Change is good for the Gators as they incorporate an offense similar to the flex bone, adding the importance of unselfish blocking and confusing other defenses. “It’s a different look and different system. It gives people different tendencies that they have to try and breakdown,” said Coach High.

The offense and the new head coach aren’t the only things changing for the program. After finishing 3-8 last season in a very tough district, this fresh start has lit a fire under senior Defensive End Shaheim Carroll and the rest of the defense. “He made everyone realize what they can do in certain situations and how great everyone can be. We want to break everybody’s mentality of you can anything over us,” said Carroll.

“We brought that mentality to every man and the whole team said we don’t care who gets the ball, we just want to know the score at the end of the game,” said Coach High.

The Gators look to chomp the Moss Point Tigers in week two of their 2018 campaign. The Tigers are coming off an impressive 35-6 victory against Pascagoula. According to the wins from both teams in week one, this matchup has all the tools to be a shootout.

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