25 Teams in 25 Days: Bay High Tigers

Back in March, the Bay High football program went through a head coaching change that turned out not to be a change at all. If that sounds confusing, here’s the only thing you really need to know, Benji Foreman is back as head man of the Tigers in 2018.

“Thank God for Coach Foreman, he’s a great man.”

“Oh man, it means the world to me. It was kind of rocky there for a few months, but I’m so thankful to be out there with them again,” said Coach Foreman.

Even when it appeared like prior administration was going in another direction during the offseason, Benji Foreman stayed the course and so did his players. “I went up there to fight to get him have his job, so I’m pretty grateful. He’s a good leader.”

“Just the way that they showed they cared about me. The coaching staff, they know that we care about them. But the support showed and showing up for me and supporting me was, it was something.”

Now that everything is back to normal, the Tigers are ready to change their definition of normal, starting inside the locker room following last year’s 0-10 showing. Guard/defensive tacker Bryce Fegurgur said, “Realizing that enough is enough. This isn’t a coaches thing, this is a player thing. If we’re not together, and our team isn’t all on the same page, then it’s not a team, really.”

Despite riding a 15 game skid into the 2018 campaign, Bay High is learning how to overcome that adversity simply by meal planning. “I’m just going to tell you right now, we’re ready to eat. We’re tired of the losing, we’re ready to eat.”

“They’re hungry. I know we’ve got the Coast’s longest losing streak right now, and they’re ready to do something about that.”

Defensive end/ Tight end Jordan Calomese said, “I guess we’ve got a little chip on our shoulder since we’ve been through so much struggle, and that’s a good thing for us this year.”

For the Tigers, it’s bigger the setback, bigger the comeback, and even though they haven’t arrived just yet, they don’t really need the reminder. Coach Foreman is all over it. “They know that they’ve got a lot to prove. And we tell them all the time that respect is not given, it’s something that’s earned. Just other than how proud I am of these guys, they work hard every day and there’s no place I’d rather be besides here. And I’m so thankful to be a part of this team and this school district.”

The Tigers once again kickoff their 2018 campaign against West Harrison at 7 p.m. Friday from Bay St. Louis.

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