21st annual Billfish Classic

Hundreds of fishermen across the country participated in this year’s Billfish Classic with a record of 120 vessels ready to reel in their biggest catch.
One hundred and twenty vessels sailed through the Biloxi Channel for this year’s Billfish Classic, hopeful to reel in some record breaking fish. For the first day of weigh-ins, Rick Olsen with team ‘Breath Easy’ out of Alabama hauled in a blue marlin weighing in at 501.75 pounds. “She hit about 6, 6:30 and she just fought hard for eight hours and 15 minutes. We didn’t boat her until a little after three and we had her on the wire a couple times and she never gave up, hardest fish I ever fought. It was a challenge.”
With that being the only blue marlin brought in, it will be worth one million dollars. Olsen says it was never about the money, it’s always about the love of fishing. “We don’t think about that when we’re fishing. We’re just out there fishing and like I said there’s so many good fishermen out here, you hang what you can catch and hopefully you’re in the money, but you don’t do it for the money. You do it for the love of the sport and that’s all that matters.”
Skeptical, but hopeful to break the Mississippi state record for the swordfish weigh in is Peace Marvel with team ‘Peace Maker’ out of Louisiana, reeling in a 120 pounder. “I didn’t really feel much because I know there’s bigger fish coming behind me. So, we’re going to go out and catch some more. We killed those two, we released another one and we had seven others on. The fish are biting, we just pulled hooks on some big ones and we’re gonna make it happen.”
The competition continues tomorrow with other fishermen hoping to reel in some bigger catches and break records.

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