2021 Hurricane Season comes to an end

Today marks the end of the 2021 Hurricane Season.

Many storms appeared on the U.S. radar, but here on the Gulf Coast, Hurricane Ida made the most impact.

According to MEMA, overall, it was the third most active year on record with a total of 21 tropical systems. Four of those systems were major hurricanes, including Ida, which caused significant damage across South Mississippi.

The category four storm with wind speeds of about 150 miles per hour hit our Louisiana neighbors directly, causing evacuations and damage.

Once the skies cleared, local coast organizations came together to collect hurricane relief for New Orleans and neighboring parishes. Hurricane Hunter Lt. Col. Mark Withee said, “Things return to a normal pace. It was still an above average season by some majors. However, it was much more normal than last year. So, we kept busy throughout the season. Fortunately, in the last month, we’ve seen the activity tailor off like you’d expect toward the tail end of hurricane season and now we’re at the end of it.”

Everything from food, clothing, toiletries, school supplies, and even snow balls were donated to help our neighbors in need.

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