Thanksgiving week camp at Lynn Meadows Discovery Center wraps up


Kids ages 4 – 10 attended the Lynn Meadows Discovery Center Thanksgiving Day Camp this week.

These kids learned about art, STEM, theatre, cooking, museum exploration and so much more.

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“Just because schools are closed this thanksgiving week, does not mean the learning stops. Mrs. Norris says there are three things that the kids do all day long and that is learn, play and eat. however the kids say their favorite thing to do is play outside and draw.”

“My favorite part today was drawing a picture of myself, because I really like coloring and stuff and it’s kind of like my favorite thing to do. I do it  at my house almost everyday actually,” third grader Kendyl Stauts said.

The day camp happened each day of this week-Monday through today-allowing kids to experience the fun of learning while school is on break.

The teacher, Mrs. Norris has days full of activites and gives the children something to do while school is out.

She has been an active member of Lynn Meadows for seven years and enjoys teaching, it’s what she loves to do.

As they wrapped up their time at the camp today, the kids reviewed their shapes and created Thanksgiving pictures with the shapes they learned.

emilie george, 5th grader biloxi upper elem:
“I used some skinny rhombuses, some normal rhombuses some squares, a hexagon and trapezoids,” fifth grader Emilie George said.

The Lynn Meadows Discovery Center is now making preparations for their Christmas day camps, with dates coming soon.