Governor Reeves press conference ahead of Hurricane Sally


This morning, Governor Reeves held a press conference to brief Mississippians on Hurricane Sally’s threat as it approaches our Coast.

Forecasters expect potential rainfall of up to about 20 inches on the coastline of Jackson and Harrison counties. Meanwhile, a mandatory evacuation has been put in place for low-lying areas in Hancock County.

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MEMA Director Greg Michel says with a flash flood event and strong wind gusts associated with Sally, residents should prepare for a large number of power outages. ”Individuals need to be prepared for being without power for some time. As you all know we have exceptional line crews here in the state of MS and along the southern parts of the United States that will do their best to restore power to you as quickly as possible. As this storm has shifted to the east, it has taken some portions of north west Mississippi out of this severe weather, but if you are in the southeastern part of the state you can expect to experience all of these conditions of flash flooding, wind gusts, and tornadoes.”

Meanwhile, Governor Reeves has extended the mask mandate until the end of September and says PPE is required if you decide to go to a local shelter.