The Cool Kidz Club connecting and equipping local children


Equipping, empowering, and connecting our local children who will be tomorrow’s leaders, just a few of the reasons a South Mississippi woman has started the Cool Kidz Club.

If there was ever a time our kids needed to be connected, it’s now. The Cool Kidz Club CEO and Founder Dr. Kellye Bolar said, “Being at home, through the quarantine for so long and not really being able to communicate with other people, I think it’s really important because these days, kids are on their phones. They’re on social media. They’re really connected through the Internet, so we really want to get them together to learn how to communicate, speak to other people and socialize and learn from other people who are around them.”

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Just one reason Dr. Kellye Bolar launched the non-profit the Cool Kidz Club back in November of last year. A Picayune native, she’s achieved much in her 31 years, an educator with a doctorate’s degree, an author, and a dance instructor, she’s now choreographing the steps of South Mississippi children in hopes of connecting them with their dreams. “I decided to start an organization that will be able to empower and help kids through STEAM and life experiences, and we wanted to be able to have on-the-go trips for them to experience, to museums and art shows, just giving back things to the kids things that I would have loved and appreciated. That’s important to me.”

The recent school supply drive was a success and within the next week about 30 South Mississippi students will be better equipped for the school year. “We have over 100 members of The Cool Kidz Club as of now. Those members, some of them will be receiving backpacks. Some of those kids will be on our first trip that will be coming up soon. One of those lucky members will receive a Chromebook in a drawing we’re going to be having in the next couple of weeks. We’re super excited about that. We know how important technology is especially today with the online distance learning, and we want to be able to provide whatever we can for the kids to be successful.”

If you’d like to volunteer, be an ambassador, or sign up to be a member of the Cool Kidz Club just visit Any child of school age can be a member.

Ambassadors must be juniors or seniors in high school and volunteers must be 18 years of age or older.


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