Update on Popp’s Ferry Bridge after it was struck by vessel Tuesday


The Popp’s Ferry Bridge in Biloxi was closed for nearly four hours Tuesday afternoon after it was struck by a tugboat pushing three barges.

The bridge was closed again this morning for a few hours, but is now reopened.

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Biloxi officials say the incident took place just before 1 p.m. The vessel, ‘Miss Laurie,’ and the barges carrying construction equipment hit the bridge’s timber bumper system before hitting the bridge.

Structurally the bridge has no issues, but now officials say they’re having problems with the bridge locks.

The locks are misaligned but will not cause issues to drivers and officials say it is safe to drive on. City of Biloxi Director of Engineering Christy LeBatard said, “The bridge is plenty safe to drive on. The locks will go in. We just have to get crow bars and stuff out there to kinda push them over so they go into the slots like they are supposed to. It is plenty safe to drive on. We had bridge inspectors out yesterday. We had divers go down and double check the structure. All of the damage to the concrete was really surface damage. Our biggest issue will be getting them open for marine traffic.”

The city is hoping to get a contractor in today. Officials are hoping it will just be a minor adjustment to the locks and the repairs could potentially be finished within the next few days.