Health officials say face masks are critical in stopping spread of COVID


A face mask mandate went into effect for thirteen counties in Mississippi yesterday including two here on the Coast, Harrison and Jackson County. But many online are still debating if you should wear a mask or not.

Dr. Wendy Williams, the chief medical officer for Coastal Family Health, says you should wear a mask when you are around people to protect yourself and your community from COVID-19.

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Dr. Williams says the masks offer a layer of protection so that what you are breathing out and breathing in is filtered.

There are many different types of face masks available to the public to wear and Dr. Williams said anything from a cloth face mask to a surgical face mask will help fight the spread of coronavirus.

Dr. Williams also added there is no significant change in oxygen levels when wearing a face mask and that the average person should be able to breathe fine in one. “Really we should take solace in the fact that physicians and O.R. technicians and pharmacists have been wearing masks all day every day in their profession for years and years and that everyone is fine. Our body has a very resilient way of overcoming this and we are okay.”

Many people who become infected can unknowingly spread the COVID-19 virus because they have few or no symptoms, making it important for everyone to wear a mask.