Mississippi National Guard activated in support of Civil Authorities in Washington D.C.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/nationalguardMS/

JACKSON, Miss. – As of this morning, approximately 400 activated Mississippi National Guard service members have safely arrived at their mission destination in support of civil authorities. The MSNG’s mission as Task Force Magnolia is providing military and strategic support to law enforcement to provide a safe and secure environment in the District of Columbia.

The MSNG’s first priorities are to safeguard lives and protect property while we assist civil authorities in restoring good order and peace within the area of operation. State and local law enforcement agencies remain responsible for security. The MSNG personnel assigned to these missions are trained, equipped and prepared to assist law enforcement authorities with protecting lives and property of the citizens in their state. This situation is fluid, but the National Guard’s reaction and support remains constant.

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The MSNG is part of a larger contingent of national guard Soldiers activated from various states in support of civil authorities in the District of Columbia.


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