Operating short term rentals in Biloxi


While there’s been success with short term rentals in the City of Biloxi, there’s still one major issue.

There’s a problem with residents operating a short term rental without a license. Several cases are currently in the works, in which some resulted in a $50 fine as a first time offense.

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Fines for running a short term rental without a license could cost up to $500 per day per violation.

As of right now, there are 317 short term rental applications with the city. City of Biloxi Community Development Director Jerry Creel said, “We have 297 of them who actually received licenses so far. We are sure there are some that are out there still trying to fly under the radar without being detected. We have someone on that working everyday, trying to locate those that are operating without a license.”

Anyone with questions about the regulations or anyone believes an unlicensed short-term rental may be operating in their neighborhood should contact the community development office.


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