Risk of coronavirus on the Coast


Coughing, congestion, and fatigue, those are just some of the symptoms of the coronavirus now spreading in the U.S.

The coronavirus is an upper respiratory virus that doctors say is actually very common, as we see it every year in our country.

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While similar in symptoms to a common cold or the flu, the coronavirus cannot be treated with antibiotics, medication, or vaccinations.

The Centers for Disease Control has confirmed five cases of the virus in the U.S., but Dr. Steven Demetropoulos of Singing River Medical Clinics says our risk is still low. “The coronavirus is very common, just upper respiratory virus, we get it, and we clear it. But in this case, it’s become much more virulent, and so people are getting pneumonia with it and end up dying. It is way over there, and they’re taking extraordinary measures to contain it. We hear about it over there, but we really don’t have a lot of risk here.”

As with any virus or sickness, doctors say the best preventative measure is to always wash your hands.



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