Gulf Coast Marathon wraps up


Thousands of athletes are in recovery this morning after this weekend’s Gulf Coast Marathon.

Forty-eight states, four countries, fun for all. The Mississippi Gulf Coast brought a worldwide community of runners together with a weekend full of events, including a kid marathon, half-marathon, and 5K in addition to the full marathon.

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From one end of Harrison County to the other, runners paced themselves down Highway 90, all the way to the finish line at MGM Park.

First time half-marathon participant Jamie Miller from Milwaukee, Wisconsin says the course along Highway 90 made for a great Sunday of running. “Nice, flat course, little wind in our face as we were coming in and to run along the Gulf was a real treat.”

Half marathon Champion Derek Bovard has run all four years of the marathon’s existence and while there’s always an element of competition, he says the marathon is a great way to connect with other runners. “It’s a friendly competition, but I think that’s what makes it fun, when people can race your pace and keep it honest. It makes it a true competition and definitely keeps it fun.”

When not on the course, runners and their families had the opportunity to explore the Coast and all that it has to offer. “We came in on Friday and we took my son to the train museum. So, we’ve had a good time since we’ve been here.”

But above all, a commitment to running drives these runners to do their best. “Running means a lot to me. I mean, it’s definitely a good way to stay healthy. I’m a former soccer player so when I stopped playing soccer I kind of needed something to fill the void in my life.”

“It’s a great thing that my brother and I have in common. So, it’s been something that we’ve been doing for years and as we get older, it’s really great as we head through our 50s to be able to continue doing this.”