Important reason behind blue Halloween buckets


Halloween is just a little over a week away. This year, you might notice something different when trick-or-treaters stop by your house.

This Halloween, you might notice some blue in the sea of classic orange pumpkins. This bright color is meant to send an important message to parents. Special-Ed Teacher Angela Pounders said, “The blue jack-o-lanterns signify if you see a child trick-or-treating that is holding a blue bucket. It’s just a simple, subtle, and dignified way to alert the person that the child may have autism.”

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Pounders is a special-education teacher at Popp’s Ferry Elementary School. She says these buckets are a great way to make kids and parents feel comfortable while collecting their candy. “It just helps the parents to know that people are aware of the situation and helping them to be more aware of what to look for and helping erase some of the stigma that is related to children with autism because they don’t always act like we do.”

Pounders tells News 25 a person with autism may not say ‘trick-or-treat,’ look you in the eyes, or say ‘thank you.’ She also tells us many adults with autism enjoy trick-or-treating. “They may be in a 20-year-old body, but have a younger mind. So, please don’t get offended if it is someone you think is too old to be trick-or-treating.”

The reason for the bright buckets is because blue is the color of autism awareness. Pounders says she hopes this new trend will help more people in our community understand this common developmental disability. “It is just a great way to promote awareness throughout the community and allow the children to have fun trick-or-treating.”

You can buy these blue buckets at any major retailer.