Singing River K9 Campus Officer Swearing-In Ceremony


Jester has solemnly sworn in his oath to obey all laws as an official K-9 officer for Singing River Health System in Pascagoula.

After about seven weeks of training, the Belgian Malinois raised his right paw in front of Judge Watts this morning in the ceremony and is now ready to begin his work as the only K-9 officer in the county.

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Canine Handler Tom Spicer says Jester is trained in scent detection and tracking, but has already made a difference in the lives of those in his community.

“For what he’s trained to do, he’s the only one in the county right now that can do what he does. So, that alone is a resource that everybody can use, not just the department, but Chevron, Ingalls, the schools. They have a tough job, these doctors, nurses. You can see their whole attitude change when he comes in and makes them feel safer. So that alone makes me feel good.”

They’ll continue to maintain Jester’s training four hours every week.


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