Medical Marijuana Initiative reaches signature goal


The Medical Marijuana 2020 Initiative for Mississippi officially reached its signature goal and will be placed on the ballot in the 2020 election.

It received more than 80,000 signatures. This initiative would allow the growth and distribution of medical marijuana to patients in the state. After a patient is diagnosed with an ailment, they would be able to receive a prescription from the health department.

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Ocean Springs Mayor Shea Dobson says this is a step forward for Mississippi. “This is a conservative initiative. This is getting our veterans, this is getting the people who need it. This is getting them treatment. No bureaucrats telling people and dictating to people what their healthcare needs should be. This is about patients and doctors deciding what’s best for them. To me, that’s a conservative solution.”

The Mississippi Medical Marijuana Initiative will appear on the ballot in Mississippi in November 2020.


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