Officer McKeithen’s grandson honored


North Woolmarket Elementary and Middle School wanted to help honor the life of fallen Biloxi Police Officer Robert McKeithen.

Faculty and staff put together a framed picture of Officer McKeithen to be given to his grandson, Delmas Cox. Delmas was presented with the gift in front of all his friends and classmates at lunch.

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The picture was signed by all of the school’s faculty and staff and included the Biloxi Police Department’s patch. Principal Alison Morgan said, “Any gift is nice and appreciative, but we thought this would fit Delmas. It’s something he can hold on to, see on an everyday basis, and know he’s loved and supported by his school and also he’s loved by his grandfather.”

Eighth grader Emily Tannehill said, “It’s really heartwarming to see how everybody pitched in to create that and help him become more happy about the situation, even though it is pretty tragic. He’s got that last little piece of his grandpa left and I’m happy about that.”

When asked about the gift he received, Delmas said, “I can’t wait to hang this over my bed so Grandpa can always watch over me.”