Teacher Appreciation Week


As the school year comes to a close, schools around the country are honoring their educators. National Teacher Appreciation Week focuses on everything that teachers do for their students.

Harrison Central High School’s Red Rebel Diner came up with a cool way to show their support for teachers.

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Cooking is what they enjoy doing and they’re good at it. The Red Rebel Diner is a group at Harrison Central that is run by students with special needs. For senior Catherine Joyce, there isn’t a better way to honor her teachers than by cooking.  “You can learn so many things at this school, like Miss Julie Dauer, she’s my teacher and she has taught me so many things about this school and I love it. Helping kids, helping teachers, I just love doing it for them.”

While student organizations and clubs at Harrison Central High School honored their teacher’s for ‘Teacher Appreciation Week,’ the Red Rebel Diner came up with their delicious plan on how they could show their support. Teacher Julie Dauer said, “We sent out an email to all the clubs and said ‘hey, if some of the clubs chip in some money and buy the food, we’d cook the food.’”

Working at the diner is more than just a fun hobby; it also serves as a valuable learning experience for students. “A lot of these kids are going to have trouble with maybe actually reading on the paper or doing something. It’s the hands-on activities they excel so much in and then these are good, valuable life-skills.”

Some of the students in the group are seniors. They are already looking forward to putting their new skills to the test. “Get a job! Live on my own!”

“Hopefully, in two weeks, I have a job at the ‘Wee Ones Daycare’ on Three Rivers Road.”