Thunderbirds arrive on the Coast


The Thunder over the Sound Air Show is back this weekend in Biloxi. The show is expected to bring in over 100,000 people over the two days. The Thunderbirds arrived today in Gulfport.

From Nevada to the Gulf Coast, the world famous Thunderbirds arrived in style today at the Combat Readiness Training Center in Gulfport. Sarah Loicano with Keesler Air Force Base Public Affairs said, “So, the Thunderbirds are the premiere Air Force demonstration team. They are, they represent everything that is great and amazing about the Air Force. They represent our professionalism, our training, precision, just what it means to be in the Air Force. It’s a real honor to have them here.”

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Although the air show doesn’t begin until Saturday, it’s essential for the group to take practice flights in the area. Pilot Major Will Graeff said, “We are able to see if there’s any factors, towers or buildings that could play a part in the show. It allows us to see all the different kind of angles and lines that we’re going to be flying this weekend.”

Being one of the military’s premiere flight cores is no joke as they face a grueling schedule that lasts from March to November which can include as many as 35 shows. Despite the hard work, Major Graeff enjoys the chance to travel. “Being able to see all of the different cities and the culture and the community that’s involved with that and just the support that we get across the country which is amazing to see and truly humbling for us.”

The best part of being a Thunderbird? The chance to be someone’s hero. “That’s very humbling and it’s an honor for us to be able to represent the total Air Force, the 660,000 people that are out there. To give those kids maybe something to look forward to or to shoot for in the future.”

Major Graeff and the Thunderbirds will take flight this Saturday and Sunday, beginning at 8:30 in the morning.


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