Hometown hero to fly high


It’s not every day you get the chance to fly in a military plane, but for one Biloxi educator he’s been given the chance of a lifetime. Popp’s Ferry Elementary Principal Todd Boucher will have the chance to ride shotgun with a Thunderbird.

Walking the halls of Popp’s Ferry Elementary School, Principal Todd Boucher doesn’t really know what to expect ahead of his time flying with a Thunderbird. “All I’ve seen is a couple of Youtube videos of it and it is pretty high and pretty fast. I know at one point on the video they said they were going 400 knots and I immediately googled it to find out and it is 460 mph so that’s extremely fast.”

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Boucher was chosen as the Thunderbird’s ‘Hometown Hero,’ showcasing citizens who do amazing things in their communities. Air Force Veteran and teacher Debra Wells said, “He’s very well deserving. I couldn’t think of a better person for being principal of the year, representing our school. I’m so proud of him.”

Although Boucher has never flown in a military plane before, his flight will be a little nostalgic. “My dad was in the Air Force so I grew up all over the country. To me, it’s kind of a cool opportunity because I remember seeing the Thunderbirds when I was in junior high school and elementary school.”

While Boucher was named Mississippi’s Principal of the Year and the Biloxi Administrator of the Year, he says his students and faculty deserve the recognition. “I mean, I’m the fortunate one that gets to do the event, but it’s because of the hard work and dedication of everybody at the school.”

Boucher will fly with the Thunderbirds Thursday, just a day before the air show kicks off.


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