Drainage construction project continues in Long Beach


The City of Long Beach is working to relieve flooding issues in the area so the waterline construction saga continues.

Residents and businesses on and near Lovers Lane basin including Clower Avenue, Kuyrkendall Place, and the Royal Estates area experience a water outage today due to the relocation of water lines.

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Community Director Jenny Levens ask residents to be understanding of the process. “We ask them to be patient. We want them to slow down in the construction areas. There’s guys out there working on Lovers Lane and we need them to go slow, don’t speed past them. Just bear with us as we have those notices or the water has to be off. It’s a part of a growing pain, but it alleviates a lot of homes from the threat of flooding waters.”

This project got started after the City of Long Beach conducted a drainage study. There is no date of completion at this time.