Jeff Foxworthy on the Coast


One of the most respected and accomplish comedians in the country is right here on the Coast.

Jeff Foxworthy is at the IP Casino tonight showing the Coast what he does best: standup comedy. He is the largest selling comedy-recording artist, a multiple Grammy award nominee and best-selling author of more than 26 books.

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Foxworthy is known for his clean comedy that connects with families, human nature, and southern charm. He coined the term ‘you might be a redneck if’ early on in his career. He’s been featured on as a host of ‘Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader,” Netflix specials, and tons of comedy tours.

News 25 had the chance to catch up with Foxworthy tonight before he hit the stage. He wasn’t shy about his love for visiting us here on the Coast. “I’ve been down here many, many times and as we are flying in today I thought ‘wouldn’t a beer and some nice raw oysters be good right now.’  But these are my people and this is one of those gigs when I see it on the calendar I think alright that one is going to be fun. I have approached funny from every different way that you can approach it, done it on the radio and they are all different but in the end the result you are looking for is the same you are trying to make people laugh and that what we are trying to do on this show.”

Foxworthy will be taking a new exciting role in his career as a host of a new show called “Bring the Funny” alongside some others from all sides of the comedy world. The show premieres this summer on NBC.