Talking politics with Ocean Springs Mayor Shea Dobson


Thoughts, ideas, and concerns of the residents of Ocean Springs were shared during a quarterly ‘Breakfast with the Mayor.’

News 25’s Andrew Scherer caught up with Mayor Shea Dobson to get his take on what he calls an ‘open door policy.’

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With a coffee in hand, Ocean Springs Mayor Shea Dobson spent his Wednesday morning doing something that he loves: listening to the opinions of Ocean Springs residents. “It’s very important that you do have that line of communication and that you’re involved in letting people know that you’re working and you’re trying your hardest to get things done.”

Elected in 2017 at the age of 30, Ocean Springs has embraced the first time politician. However, it wasn’t always politics for Dobson who didn’t even consider public office until his mid-20s. “I just started getting, it was kind of a snowball effect, I started being more interested and more interested and then getting more involved in national politics. Eventually, I just decided to pay more attention to the local scene and now here we are.”

Dobson is a Republican, but he identifies more as a libertarian, supporting issues such as legalized medical marijuana. To Dobson though, it’s not always about party lines, but more so sticking to what you value. “I think that freedom and liberty is coupled with morality and good ethics. So, that’s where I think that some of, both the right and left have kind of lost sight on. I think that’s something that we need to bring back and promote.”

Dobson’s style has been well received in the tight-knit community. Business owner Brandin Brosh tells News 25 that Dobson’s style is something more cities need. “Having someone young in politics, especially at this day and age, with the way that social media is going and just how the world has changed, having someone with a younger perspective with fresh new ideas is important.”

What’s up next for the young politician? “I would have my eye on a higher office at some point, but you know, like I said I take a lot of leaps of faith and I just let God guide me where I need to go.”


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