Walk-A-Mile in her Shoes


Every two minutes someone in America is a victim of sexual assault. Today, local men took a stand and slipped on some heels to literally walk a mile in her shoes.

It’s not often that you see a group of men, walking together in women’s footwear, but on Friday you could see them out by the dozens along Highway 90 in Biloxi. Sexual Assault Victim Advocate Stephanie Piper said, “We are having our annual Walk-A-Mile in her shoes. It is the eighth year in a row that we have done this at the Gulf Coast Center for Nonviolence and we have got men from all over the Coast to participate in Walk-A-Mile in her Shoes.”

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Dave Philo has been participating in this walk almost every year since it began eight years ago and even at his mature age, he is still leading the way in his brown high heels. “I come out here to do this because I believe in making people aware of domestic violence. It is a very serious problem in this country and it is a highly unreported problem in this country. It’s one where everyone seems to think ‘well, it’s not gonna happen here.’ Well, let me tell you, it happens here.”

Over a dozen men came out and put on bright red, shiny heels and walked over a mile down Highway 90 to raise awareness for sexual assault. “No one wants to put on the shoes then we have a hard time taking them away. The guys are always saying that the shoes hurt their feet and some people say ‘oh, I have a blister,’ but at the end of that walk everyone always has a new found respect for women and I feel like that is a success right there,” said Piper.

For every step these men take ‘in her shoes,’ they keep in mind the ones who fell victim to domestic violence or sexual assault. “We’re hoping they will take the message to heart and realize that this is something that needs to be publicized, both not only that it happens, but there is help available.”

If you or someone you know needs help go online to gccfn.org.