FCC broadband map discrepancy areas see up to 62 percent variation


Southern District Public Service Commissioner Sam Britton is taking a stand against a recent report published by the FCC.

In the FCC’s recent broadband coverage map for Mississippi, 72 percent of Mississippians were said to have access to broadband. After reading the report, Britton analyzed data from 27 counties, discovering major discrepancies.

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According to the FCC, 91 percent of Jackson County has access to broadband while the data shows just 22 percent.

Commissioner Britton tells News 25 that these discrepancies are incredibly important and needs to be fixed. “They will go out to the internet service providers and say ‘do you provide coverage in this area’ and if they say they do or they might then it is counted as having coverage, but that’s not the case. So, the entire map that the FCC does is fatally flawed to begin with. Again, this map is how funds come from the federal government to help expand this map so it’s vitally important.”

Britton has also announced his candidacy for secretary of state and he says he plans to work as hard as he can to fix the lingering broadband issues in Mississippi.