The Shed Steak Showdown


Tomorrow, the Shed Barbeque and Blues Joint will be cooking up baby back ribs, ribeye steaks, and turkey breasts for a one of a kind dual competition.

Tonight, competitors in ‘The Shed Steak Showdown’ enjoyed live music, bonfires, and boiled shrimp as part of the competition’s welcome party. There will be 93 groups competing for $16,500 in cash awards and prizes.

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This cook-off comes as a partnership with the Steak Cookoff Association, one of the fast growing food competition organizations.

The competition is steep with some even having SCA World Championship rings to show off. Competitor Kenny Croft said, “Good cooking, good steak, good camaraderie, a lot of good people are here this weekend and it’s a fun time, a real fun time. So for someone who works five days a week, it’s a Saturday weekend thing and it’s a big party so we’re having a good time.”

Tonight may have been just a big party for these world class steak chefs, but tomorrow their grills will cut on and the competition will begin. The cooking starts at 9 a.m. and the awards ceremony will be at 5:30 p.m.