Sunday evening 12 year old Patton Tillman was riding his side by side cart on his families land in Harrison County when he crashed and landed with the vehicle on top of him… Causing life threatening injuries. Tillman was airlifted to a Mobile hospital and has been fighting for his life the past two days.
And bright and early this morning friends and family of Patton joined together at Woolmarket community center to lift Patton up in prayer.
Joseph Holder– Pastor of Success Baptist Church– the Tillman’s church, lead the prayer vigil and gave an update on Patton’s condition.
He says, “The doctors had brought him down off the pain medication to the point that he was responsive his daddy said that he was able to follow him around the room with his eyes and he even moved his arms so as to let them know that everything is going to be okay.”
The family has set up a go fund me to help with medical bills and you can find that by going to go fund me and searching for “Prayers for Patton.”


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