WAMA Beer Tasting


Cheers to the Walter Anderson Museum of Art hosting their sixth annual Craft Beer Tasting in Ocean Springs.

The museum wanted to celebrate the different local breweries on the Coast and admire the creative process of turning raw product into something people can enjoy.

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It’s a unique experience as seven micro-breweries from Mississippi engage with locals with behind the scenes information on what makes a delicious beverage.

The Walter Anderson Museum of Art enjoys blending the perfect flavor of art and drinks. WAMA Executive Director Julian Rankin said, “Art starts conversation. Beer starts conversation. We at the museum really want to be a place where people come together, have moments to enjoy, and think about why being on the Coast is such a wonderful and blessed experience. So, that’s what we are really trying to accomplish here.”

The craft beer tasting stands out as the one time of the year to bend the rules and allow visitors at the museum to drink past a certain point in the facility.


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