Alligator found in Pascagoula neighborhood


A post shared by the City of Pascagoula’s Facebook page has been circulating around the community. It shows multiple pictures of an alligator being rescued from a storm drain in a neighborhood.

It’s not something you see every day: video of an alligator being pulled out of a storm drain on Columbus Drive in Pascagoula. Captain Doug Adams with Pascagoula PD said, “A child was playing here in the neighborhood, picked up her cat, and thought she saw an alligator in the storm drain, called our animal control officer. Our officer came out and determined there was an alligator in the storm drain.”

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Once animal control officers arrived on scene, they called the Mississippi state trapper to come get the seven foot gator. “They removed the alligator from the drain. It was a little scratched up, but it was nothing serious. To the best of our knowledge, that alligator was released back into the swamp up the river.”

While seeing an alligator in your neighborhood is very rare, it can still happen. “We do have a lot of marsh areas as you can see right down the road, a couple blocks or less, there’s quite a bit of marsh area which leads of course to the mouth of the river right there. There are times when we get calls, but not very often and definitely not this big,” said Captain Adams.

If you happen to find an alligator, here are some tips to keep you and the reptile safe. Gulf Coast Gator Ranch Manager Tim Parker said, “The number one thing is just to stay away from it. Do not try to approach it because gators can run up to six miles per hour within a 15 foot range so the best bet is if you got a gator in your area and you got pets or children, it’s best to just pick up the phone and call wild life and fisheries and they will send a local nuisance gator catcher to the area.”

Officials ask that if you do come in contact with an alligator, never feed them. “Once you start feeding them, they realize that you are not a threat to them and if anything you are feeding them. So, they lose their fear of you and that is when they become dangerous,” said Parker.

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