2019 Pascagoula budget workshop

With time winding down to approve a budget to solve a $14 million shortfall, a budget workshop was held at Pascagoula City Hall to take a step in the right direction.

After an audit revealed a $14 million shortfall for the City of Pascagoula, budget cuts were made to solve the issue which is why the city council invited the public to this budget workshop meeting. Ward 3 Councilman Stephen Burrow said, “The staff had given us another draft of the budget with some of the cuts that we had indicated in a prior budget workshop that we wanted to see happen.”

The city council is proposing a budget with a 14.45 mill increase in tax rates. With this proposal, Pascagoula could be the city with the highest tax rates on the Coast. “We increased our millage by ten percent for operation expenses. We have increased our millage to service the shortfall note that we passed last month for 4.5 million,” said Burrow.

Some Pascagoula residents could pay $374 more on $200,000 homes. The city website has a road to recovery page that calculates millage and assessed value of homes to estimate taxes for next year. The budget also cuts 20 to 25 staff employers. “I can’t tell you where they will come from other than as I suggested in the meeting. We certainly want to prioritize our first responders.”

The meeting also involved the $950,000 of prepared food tax, accumulated going back 18 months. This money will help with bond funds on the projects the city was issued for. “We are still on it and also to fulfill their intended purpose which is to pay for maintenance and improvement of our recreational facilities,” said Burrow.

The council must approve this budget and it’s funding by September 15th.

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