2017 Commercial Fishing Seasons Begin

The beginning of a new year means the beginning of the commercial fishing season for some of the more sought after species of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Commercial seasons for flounder and red drum are now officially open in Mississippi’s territorial waters.
The total allowable catch for commercial landings statewide between January 1st and December 31st will have set quota limits based on the population of each species in an effort to ensure the preservation of our state’s marine ecosystem. Dr. Paul Mickle with Mississippi Department of Marine Resources said, “All quota amounts are based on species population of how they’re doing. It gets complicated because you mention snapper and other offshore species, those are managed through the federal government. Our state species are statewide quota and spotted sea trout is 50,000 pounds which opens February 1st. Red drum is 60,000 pounds which opens up today and flounder is 74,000 pounds which opens today. When those quotas are met we shut it down commercially to make sure that species harvest is done in a sustainable way.”
Also open as of 2017 is the season for commercial harvest of greater amberjack in Mississippi territorial waters.

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