Biloxi PD Gets New Body Cameras


In a time where police and civilian interaction is under a tiny microscope, it’s important for police to have the technology to keep them from any scrutiny.
In Biloxi, the police department will receive the tool to do just that: new body cameras, the first of their kind in the state.
We live in the age of using a cell phone to capture every aspect of life, even the negative ones. Which is why the nation has seen a bigger push for officers to wear body cameras, providing that transparency between law enforcement and the public. Lieutenant Michael Brumley with Biloxi PD said, “Being able to capture the whole picture, the beginning to the end, when at all possible is pivotal to getting an accurate version of what occurred and hopefully allaying fears that someone might be treated inappropriately.”
Lt. Brumley and the entire Biloxi Police Department will soon get a body camera make over. After looking into new body cams the last three years, they finally settled on body worn cameras, a device first of its kind in the state. The new body cam will be on the inside of the vest versus the outside, making it nearly impossible to fall off during an altercation.
It’s more than just the cameras unique inside mounting that makes them top of the line. “If you’re fighting with somebody on the ground or knocked out and unable to defend yourself, if you’re down for 30 seconds, the camera lets somebody know,” said Lt. Brumley, “It turns the camera system on so if anything is going on or if anybody’s doing anything to you, you’ll start seeing an image of what is going on from his perspective.”
In the past, the body cameras used by Biloxi officers ran out of internal memory far too often. The new body worn cameras won’t have that problem. “The camera itself automatically off loads video and so even if a suspect manages to get that camera off of an officer, it doesn’t matter. The video goes straight to the Cloud and it’s stored there for safe keeping,” said COO of Pileum Corporation Sandy Turnage.
Lt. Brumley says the body cameras will be implemented into 100 vehicles and 120 officer’s vests in September.
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