200-year-old Oak Tree on Jeff Davis Ave in Long Beach to be cut down

Long Beach Aldermen decided to allow developers to cut down a nearly 200-year-old tree to make room for an $8 million development, but there’s been pushback.

The removal will make room for a new boutique hotel across from the town green on Jeff Davis Avenue. Developers wanted to remove both live oak trees and were originally told no.

After some thought and reconfiguring, the city is allowing one tree to be cut while the other will stay. There are stipulations. The developers have to start building before the tree can come down.

Long Beach aldermen ultimately decided that the city’s economic growth had to come first. Alderman-at-large Donald Frazer said, “As you can see there’s still tons of vacant property down on Jeff Davis Avenue and Highway 90 since Katrina. And we’re talking 18 years now. it’s time to rebuild. and, it’s much needed tax revenue to reduce the burden on a home owner where this is not only producing ad valorem tax, but it’s also producing sales tax.”

Not everyone sees the same value in having a new boutique hotel, which his why members of the tree board say the tree should stay.

Tree Board member Debi Caldwell says “The tree board has dated them back to 1831 and 1887. They have withstood storms right across from the beach this long and we want them to stay.”

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