1997 composite unveiling at Gautier High School

It was an exciting and emotional walk down memory lane this morning for the first graduating class of Gautier High School.
Every class has a composite hanging in the halls of the high school except 1997. Twenty years later those students were honored by their own picture with the graduating class.
Former students, teachers, and administration had a mini reunion in the front lobby this morning as they reminisced about their times at Gautier High. Class of ’97 Graduate Bathsheba Cole said, “From a thought to a whole high school it has changed, I mean, even from the stadium to everything and I’m just thankful that Casey Vaughn spearheaded this thing that’s going on.”
Ward 3 Councilman Casey Vaughn said, “Classmates have reached out. They’re all on Facebook saying our class isn’t there. They have seniors that are graduating a couple years ago and they were like our class composite isn’t there. We want it up.”
And the school followed suit. The 1997 composite will be hung up alongside the other 19 graduating classes at Gautier High School.

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