Between 1,800 and 2,000 acres burned in Hancock County woods fire

For the past three days, fire crews have been battling massive woods fires in Hancock County.

It is estimated that between 1,800 and 2,000 acres were burned during this fire.

Winds played a huge factor in this fire that started Tuesday, officials tell News 25 the winds blew the fire in all different directions making it extremely hard to contain.

Fire crews’ main goal was to protect houses and other structures. So far, no homes have been affected but some cars were damaged.

At this time, officials are not sure of the extent of the property damage. Bayside Fire Captain Taylor Bourgeois said, “This is the largest one that I’ve been on in the last four years. I don’t believe we have any ones bigger than this. For us, our biggest worry is property. We can only go in the woods so far and evacuate people in that area. Just in case it takes a turn for the worse, we try to do that.”

Crews will continue to monitor on hot spots throughout the day.

For now, you are asked to be mindful of dry conditions and to not burn anything.

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