$16.8 M awarded to NCBC for renovations on dining facility

The Naval Construction Battalion Center’s enlisted dining facility has not seen any upgrades since 1974, but soon that will all change.

$16.8 million was recently awarded to the base for a complete renovation. Currently their facility is undersized and is working beyond its capacity.  They say with this much needed upgrade will come better food and a more comfortable environment.

On an average day, the base feeds around 500 Seabees just at lunch so time and wear and tear on the facility has taken its toll. Food Services Officer Lt. Elizabeth Hines said, “So this has been here for 37 years. It didn’t get replaced after Hurricane Katrina so it is just going to be nice. It is just going to be fresh paint, everything will be new. So, it will be more enjoyable and nicer to look at. Also, industrial cooking equipment doesn’t last forever and when you feed that many people the equipment becomes just as bad as the interior.”

They expect the project to take at least two years with a projected completion date of November 2021. Until then, the food services workers will be working out of trailers and providing meals inside of the gym.

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