15th annual Hunger-Homeless Meal Giveaway gives back at community

November is Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Month and to help those out in the community, Back Bay Mission and Hard Rock Hotel and Casino came together to host the 15th annual Hunger-Homeless Meal Giveaway.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of families become homeless, including 1.6 million children. To help those who have fallen on hard times in the Biloxi area, Back Bay Mission and Hard Rock Hotel and Casino served up over 300 meals. Back Bay Mission Executive Director James Pennington said, “It’s a way to really kind of give back to the community especially for Hard Rock and for us because we work on a daily basis with people who are unsheltered, homeless, or living in poverty, or need any assistance.”

Usually, a hot meal is served inside the facility, but due to the ongoing pandemic they decided to keep it outdoors.  Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Vice President/ General Manager Todd Raziano said, “To be safe last year and again this year, we are doing to-go boxes.”

Each to-go plate was packed with the traditional Thanksgiving food prepared by the culinary team at Hard Rock. “It’s a good time to give back and it’s a good time to count our blessings and to share some good food and some good cheer with the community.”

Pennington says not only does this fill the stomach of those in need, it also fills the hearts of those serving. “I think it really gives them a boost and a lift because they are sharing something with Thanksgiving and it reminds them to be more grateful for what they have.”

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