15 different bat species found on the Gulf Coast

The Pass Christian Garden Club had a guest speaker from Mississippi State University talk about the benefits of bats on the Gulf Coast.

Bats are not generally thought of as species that live in our area, using hollow trees, bridges, and abandoned buildings as homes.

All 15 bat species found on the Coast are insect eaters, which is really good for pest control and farming.

Mandy Sartain, an extension associate at MSU, has been studying bats on the Coast for the past three years. She said she wanted to educate people who have negative perceptions of bats since they are facing many threats today. “If you want to help our local bats, one of the best things for you to do is provide them with a food source. So, the native insects. Provide them shelter. They love our native trees, like our live oaks and pines. You can keep their food source and water sources healthy, especially when it comes to decreasing herbicides and pesticides usage.”

For more information about bats, you can visit batweek.org and batslive.pwnet.org.

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