Rockco-McFarland Household Hazardous Waste site celebrates 25 years

Lots of trash talk this morning in Harrison County, but it’s all for a good cause.

This year marks 25 years since the Rockco-McFarland Household Hazardous Waste Site was founded and began providing Harrison County residents the chance to drop off paints, oils, and other hazardous waste safely.

Serving an average of 150 to 200 residents each month, when COVID-19 began to spread in our state, the site was forced to close down, giving officials the opportunity to find a way to better serve residents.

Since August, they’ve been operating on an appointment-based system and have been able to completely remediate the site to make sure it’s as safe and clean as it needs to be. Administrative Assistant Kelly Griffin said, “The amount of stuff that has been brought through our site and recycled has kept it out of our waterways, out of our ditches, and that’s taxpayer money that would have to go to clean that up, so if they’re bringing it here, we’re able to dispose of it properly and it in the right way, so it does stay out of our delicate waterways and ecosystems.”

Harrison County Board of Supervisors President Connie Rocko said, “What really does my heart good is when you see something that you started 25 years ago and it is still up and running, and so that goes to show that the people of Harrison County want to do the right thing and have for the last 25 years had the opportunity to do it right here.”

It’s all been made possible by the Harrison County Board of Supervisors including founders Connie Rockco and Commissioner John McFarland, the Beautification Commission, and MDEQ.

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