Mississippi U.S. Senators Cindy Hyde-Smith Weighs in on President’s State of the Union Address

Mississippi’s two United States Senators, Cindy Hyde-Smith and Roger Wicker, both Republicans, have been staunch supporters of the Republican President.

Here’s what each had to say in response to President Trump’s third State of the Union Address:

“I applaud President Trump for remaining optimistic despite these contentious times, ” said U.S. Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith. “He reminds us that there is more work to do to continue the great American comeback.

“The President’s strong America-first, pro-growth agenda is succeeding. We have millions of new jobs, record-low unemployment rates, manufacturing growth, new trade agreements, and a soaring stock market.”

U.S. Senator Roger Wicker echoed a similar response, saying he believes the President presented a strong message of growth and opportunity for Americans, adding, “Over the past three years, we’ve supported American workers by cutting taxes and creating new jobs. We’re investing in the future work force, and promoting development in areas that need it. We’ve unleashed America’s energy production potential and rolled back scores of unnecessary regulations. Unemployment rates are near record lows and wages continue to grow.

“Just last week, I was at the White House when the President signed the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement. This signature accomplishment promises to boost trade with our largest trading partners.”

In regards to the drive to have an impeachment trial and the Senate vote expected to determine whether this will happen today, Senator Wicker says he believes it’s time to move on and to “…get back to work for the American people.”


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