Port City soccer talks FIFA

The 2018 FIFA World Cup will kick off tomorrow in Russia and it’s really starting to pump up some locals here on the Coast.

The Port City Soccer League in Gulfport has several international players on their team from England, Brazil, Denmark, and more.

Today, News 25 caught up with the league as they’re practicing for their big game next week against Mobile to ask them who they’re rooting for in this year’s World Cup. Port City Head Coach Henrik Madsen said, “Denmark’s in it so that’s a very exciting thing for us. It’s good when the little countries make the World Cup. I got my jersey ready. I’m going to be watching Saturday morning. Obviously, I’m hoping to win the World Cup, but to be realistic, I hope we get out of the bracket and make it interesting after that I think I’ll be excited.”

Port City player Joe Elliot said, “I’m English so of course I’ll be watching the World Cup. (so, you’ll be rooting for England?) England’s the team!”

The FIFA World Cup kicks off tomorrow on Fox at 10 a.m. with Russia and Saudi Arabia going head-to-head. You can also check out Port City taking on Mobile next Wednesday at 7:30 at the Herbert Wilson Stadium in Gulfport.

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