12/23 – The Chief’s “BITTER COLD Christmas Eve Eve” Morning Forecast

A vigorous cold front is now to the east with a bitter cold air mass moving into the region. Temperatures have been plunging all night, with most locations 30 degrees or more colder than Thursday afternoon. Temperatures were already in the mid-20s across northwest portions of the area.

The upper disturbance will move to New England by Saturday afternoon, but with upper flow remaining out of the northwest, cold air will continue to be transported into the local area. Morning lows this morning could occur well after sunrise with the cold air continuing to move in. For pretty much all of the area, highs for the calendar day have already occurred. With abundant sunshine, there will be some recovery in temperatures late this morning and afternoon, but not a lot. Not likely to get more than a couple of degrees above freezing this afternoon, and a fair amount of the area probably won’t get past 32.

Tonight’s lows will be tricky for a couple of reasons. First, winds aren`t likely to go calm overnight, keeping the air well mixed. In addition, there is some potential for mid and high clouds to hold in a little “warmth”.

The axis of the high pressure won’t shift east of us until Sunday night or Monday, so the cold air won’t be departing before Monday. Sunday and Monday will both start off very cold, with many areas continuing to see low temperatures in the teens, with Hard Freeze Warnings likely to continue. Christmas Day should see most highs in the lower 40s. The final disturbance in the series moving through the pattern to the east should transit our area Monday night. Beyond that point, temperatures will moderate quickly, with highs by Wednesday into the 60s, and possibly into the 70s Thursday and/or Friday.

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