11/09 Ryan’s “Some Fog” Tuesday Night Forecast

We'll see some fog developing tonight as the humidity slowly climbs and the temperature remains low.

Expect some fog, just patchy tonight, but we’ll see more tomorrow night as a front closes in. Cloud cover will break up a bit through the evening, but will recover by sunrise with a warmer low near 51. It’s likely you’ll encounter some light-to-patchy fog as well with the humidity rising and calm winds. Expect even more likely fog development Wednesday night.

Tomorrow afternoon won’t be much more cloudy than today was, but it certainly won’t be less so with a slightly higher high near 74 degrees.

The rain will still hold off another day though. Expect it to arrive by the early afternoon on Thursday, and while thunderstorms are possible it doesn’t look likely to be severe. The temperature will begin to fall again by Friday as cooler and drier air rushes in, bringing highs down into the 60s again for the weekend with our first night in the 30s as well.

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