$100M to combat human trafficking awarded by Department of Justice

The U.S. Department of Justice announced last week it’s awarded more than $100 million in funding to combat human trafficking.

These funds will go toward providing vital services to trafficking victims across the nation including those in Mississippi and here on the Coast.

Part of this award includes the Mississippi Department of Health receiving $900,000. This grant is under the direct services to support victims of human trafficking program which gives nearly 53 million to 77 organizations to enhance their services available to victims of all forms.

Advocates for Freedom, a local group fighting human trafficking and helping victims, say they hope it will help victims regain their lives.  Advocates for Freedom CEO and Founder Susie Harvill said, “My thoughts for AFF under the grant is that we are hoping that it will really serve our victims. This is such a huge need and it is just like an insidious cancer that is all over the place. So, we just need help.”

AFF also mentioned the need for housing victims after they escape. More often than not a victim has to leave the state due to the overflow in Mississippi.

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